President Message

Our Vision: To be a center of excellence for people development.


Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD) opens a world of opportunity to individuals by connecting professionals united in their belief of the importance of human resource development and management in enhancing the growth of Bahrain. Being a member of BSTD will make an enriching and positive difference to your own professional development and career path; it means you will have access to the skills, knowledge and valuable experiences of over 600 fellow professionals who come from many walks of life, fields of expertise and specializations. Members also benefit from the opportunity of gaining a global perspective on topics of contemporary relevance and importance as BSTD is linked to many similar overseas associations. Such exposure is a valuable asset for securing and maintaining a position of importance in organizations which seek and recognize innovative and creative leaders.

I look forward to continuing to contribute together with all BSTD members, to the successful achievement of BSTD’s goals.


Dr. Ahmed M. Al Banna