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Abdulrahman Ismail Al Awadhi

Membership No.: 1296

BizExcel / General Manager

Abdulrahman is a General Manager & Founder of Biz Excel Consulting W.L.L.

As a coordinator for a study on the development of the Royal Charity Court management, He was fully involved with the International Business Finance Group (IBF Group) of consultants (Morocco), experts in Poverty alleviation projects, Islamic financing and much more on development of small and medium enterprises, as well as micro-financing projects.

As a PPBS coordinator of Budget Directorate i.e., “Program and Performance Budgeting System” (PPBS), responsible for enhancing communication and feedback comments between, Budget Directorate, Consultants, Government Project Team, and the Pilot ministries for the implementation of the PPBS program. As a team leader, he was also directly involved with a pilot implementation program for the Ministry of Health.

He was responsible for coordination, follow-up and day to day active participation of various studies being conducted by local and overseas consultants, international bodies such as the World Bank, the IMF and UNDP, on various issues. For example, Restructuring of Public Finance, Sustainable Development Projects of UNDP, Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and country’s financial and sovereign ratings.