Ashwaq Ahmed Bu Ali -

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Ashwaq Ahmed Bu Ali

Membership No.: 1139

An inspirational trainer and lecturer specializing in leadership and motivation, self-discovery and capacity-building.

Buali presented many lectures and training programs for many trainees from the government sector, the private sector and the third sector represented by civil society organizations and non-profit institutions in the various fields of motivation, leadership, creativity, career development, personal development, community participation and providing quality advisory services to individuals in quality of life, COACHING.

She has a distinguished experience in the banking and financial sectors where she served as Assistant Manager of Training and Development at Bahrain Islamic Bank and trained many banking competencies and contributed to the introduction and inclusion of quality training programs for the customer service sector and job excellence.

I participated in many projects and humanitarian, voluntary and relief trips in Asia and Africa. It was close to the suffering of others during disasters, wars and crises, which made them coexist and understand indirectly what people needs and suffer in a deep way and how to seek to motivate them and instill a sense of hope in them.

She is the head of the Center for Business and Business Ethics at the Regional Social Responsibility Network. Through her position in the regional network and in collaboration with regional partners, she seeks to raise awareness about corporate and corporate social responsibility and help companies and institutions become socially responsible.

Believes in the ability of inspiration to transmit powerful waves to awaken the human psyche, so do not abandon her lectures and programs of inspirational stories and motivational touches.

Bawali has recently been appointed as an assistant expert from the International Institute for Inspiration Economics, a center based in Slovenia, which is a center dedicated to promoting the application of the concept of inspiration economy worldwide.