Ishaq Mohamed Alkooheji -

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Ishaq Mohamed Alkooheji

Membership No.: 811

Director of Corporate Leadership / Bah. Institute of Public Admin

Ishaq has more than 27 years of professional experience in private and public sectors. Ishaq is currently working as an Executive Director for leadership programs in BIPA (Institute of Public Administration) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ishaq is responsible for managing the processes related to learning and development for government entities in the public sector in Bahrain. This role includes leading processes related to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of all training programs delivered in BIPA. Ishaq is responsible for the management of the national leadership development program which is endorsed by civil service council, the public sector authority within the government of Bahrain. Beside his training role, Ishaq is a member of BIPA's executive committee which is responsible for developing strategies, policies, and plans of BIPA in the Kingdom of Bahrain, regionally and internationally.