Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Banna -

Our Vision: To be a center of excellence for people development.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Banna

Chief Executive / Origin Consulting Group

Membership No.: 36

Mr. Ahmed Al-Banna is a strategic human development specialist in the Kingdom of Bahrain. During his 25-year career, Mr. Ahmed was a distinguished human development worker in the Gulf region. He received more than one international award as a distinguished figure in human development and youth .

While working in the private sector for about 20 years inside and outside Bahrain, in addition to his work in the public sector in senior management positions, which combined experience between the two sectors and thus provides the best for the children of the Gulf Cooperation Council through the establishment of small projects by creating jobs for graduates of different levels and gender.

In addition to his experience in human development, he served as president of the Bahrain Society for Training and Human Resources Development and established a special unit for small projects emanating from the structure of the association in addition to the studies and research unit. In addition, he was a member of the International Federation of Training Organizations and the Asian Federation of Training Organizations, where he worked with the two federations to help young people find jobs or establish their own institutions.